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Three Key Security Solutions

With Datasync Systems, you can keep your premise lockdown, your valuable asset safe,  and your threats minimized, all while maintaining productivity.

Asset Safety & Security

Protect enterprises in high risk industries against asset loss and theft control with our highly customized CCTV Camera and Security Surveillance System.

Identity Access Management

Our Access Control Solution provides the great efficiency and effectiveness of access and identity management throughout the organisational process.

Infrastructure Protection

By Installing Fire Alarm System in your premise can ensure your property is safeguarded, Datasync Systems offers robust solution that covers all of your premise safety.

Datasync Systems Simplifies Your IT & Electronic Security Complexity and Build a Automated and Secured Infrastructure

Access Control System

Our robust access control security system is designed to work for any small, medium-sized, national business. Our System helps to ensure your campus to be accessed by only authorized personnel and in monitoring the critical facilities of your business. The access control system manages the entry of an individual into the facilities and allows access to an authorized person only. Our access control device presents a comprehensive logical or physical access control solution to secure your premises, assets, facilities or data. 

Access Control system authenticates and authorizes an individual based upon his/her physiological characteristics or attributes and then permits him/her to enter the sensitive area or zone. The access control system ensures greater security of the premises and proves to be significant in monitoring the vital assets or facilities of your business or enterprise.

Biometric Access Control System

Access Control Accessories

Key Features of Our Access Control Solution

Modern & Robust Hardware

Our Smart Controllers/Readers use patented Triple Unlock technology to offer fast and convenient access. Multi-technology Smart Readers support low and high frequencies, and work with mobile credentials for touchless Wave to Unlock, and a variety of key cards and fobs.

Cloud Based Software

Access Control cloud-based software is scalable and reliable, with a robust feature set and easy-to-use dashboard that enables fully remote management. And with every automatic update, it just keeps getting better.

Encrypted Credentials

Wave your hand or phone in front of the reader to unlock the door. Openpath leverages Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE, and location services to ensure the best door opening experience possible. The app automatically finds nearby entries and shows them on the home screen to make access fast and frictionless.

Remote Access Features

Authorized users can remotely unlock any door, send digital Guest Passes, and activate Lockdown plans in the event of an emergency, all from the app. 

Multi Site Support

Tailored to enterprise and business, prioritizing scalability and flexibility. Great for companies managing tens or thousands of users across locations.

Realtime Communication

Minimize security vulnerabilities with unprecedented communication tools that direct users to the right contact for feedback and troubleshooting, without leaving the app

Attendance Management Software

Attendance & Payroll Solutions

Meet all your organization’s attendance & payroll requirements with an integrated end-to-end attendance & payroll. Our wide range of solutions offers excellent flexibility to build an organizational structure to match its time-attendance hierarchy. We provide centralized time and attendance solutions for large enterprises having offices at multi-location. Our solutions offer high scalability and modularity HR solutions for the growing demand of HR needs. 

Our solution provides real-time integration with all attendance devices like Biometric, Smart card, and facial recognition devices.

Highlights of Our Attendance & Payroll Management System

Employee Management

Capture the master data of your employees – personal details, experience documents, statutory details, academic documents, and more. Get information on the employee’s designation, reporting manager, and the organisational hierarchy.

Time and Attendance

Configure multiple shifts, overtime calculation rules, and other complex scenarios. Capture attendance with geo-tracking, geo-fencing, and selfie-uploads via the mobile app. Lock attendance entry to ensure integrity while allowing backdated entry through an approval process.

Leave Management

Configure multiple shifts, overtime calculation rules, and other complex scenarios. Capture attendance with geo-tracking, geo-fencing, and selfie-uploads via the mobile app. Lock attendance entry to ensure integrity while allowing backdated entry through an approval process.

Employee Self Services

Employees have access to the web and mobile app Perk Payroll solution. Most features are available to employees via the mobile app, such as marking attendance, applying for leaves, submitting expenses, submitting their tax information, tracking attendance, reimbursements and leave approvals.

Payroll Management

Configure multiple pay structures for different employee levels, different pay periods, and other custom policies. Simplify the work of the HR and Finance team with easy disbursement. Perk Payroll integrates with popular banks such as ICICI and Axis Bank, wherein files can be generated and uploaded onto the bank portal.

Self Services Mobile App

Depending on your role (Admin, Team or Personal), get all the information you need on the Perk Payroll mobile app.
View and search personnel records. Receive internal communications. Submit and track attendance, leaves, reimbursements, and approvals. 

Datasync Systems - CCTV Camera

CCTV Camera Solutions

One of the most cost-effective methods to provide security in the workplace, or at home, is with CCTV Cameras or Video Surveillance Systems. We have partnered with various global brands to provide the best and affordable solutions to our clients. The extremely advanced technologies of contemporary surveillance cameras provide a window to businesses to reduce the cost and, risk by indemnifying their assets with constant and seamless monitoring of their facilities. 

These relatively economical CCTV cameras have largely replaced expensive security guards, while significantly elevating the reliability and, accountability to near 100% by providing real-time remote video surveillance. 

Industrial Solution

Manufacturing facilities and warehouses are stocked up with raw materials, WIP or finished goods at all times and therefore require round the clock monitoring and protection. Our solutions designed especially for industrial setups that cater to all their security needs including perimeter protection; monitoring expensive equipment and production processes.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas sites are often remote and isolated with assets spread across large areas and multiple locations. Such challenging locations require an intelligent, robust and proactive approach to security. From onshore refineries, plants and pipelines to marine vessels and platforms offshore, Oil & Gas industries are some of the most hazardous environments.

Real Estate

Real Estate is one such industry which faces a dire need for security & surveillance but is largely neglected. Not just finished structures, but under construction sites too can be at risk of theft, burglary, harassment, intrusions, etc. With our surveillance solutions specifically designed for 360 degree perimeter protection, these threats can be efficiently addressed.


Educational campuses pose many unique challenges when it comes to security. College campuses feature a variety of buildings, each with their own security needs. Campus security cameras can serve as a visual deterrent to crime such as eve teasing, bullying, ragging, vandalism of property etc. and serve as an invaluable tool, allowing students to wander under the safe watch of campus security cameras.

Health Care

Security and safety at healthcare facilities are important for both quality healthcare and public safety. Hospitals and clinics are a safe haven for those in physical or emotional need, and increasingly seen as a place of refuge in the event of a large-scale emergency such as a natural disaster or any theft.

Banking Sector

The face of Indian banking has changed over the years. Banks are now reaching out to the masses with technology to facilitate greater ease of communication, as transactions are carried out through the Internet and mobile devices. All this has created the need for banks to meet their customers' requirements for security in a special way on many levels.

Fire Alarm Solutions

Our Fire Detection solutions provide quick detection of fire or smoke events, allowing you to manage an orderly evacuation and mitigate potential damage during a fire alarm. These best-in-class fire alarm and fire detection solutions are tailored to your facilities, integrated with automated fire suppression systems where needed and backed by world-class service and monitoring around the clock. 

Our fire alarm system provides an appropriate structure of connections and network that enable connecting multiple devices together. They also manage and control the functioning of the various devices connected to ensure that the space is fire-resistant.

Smoke Detectors 1

Heat Detectors

Heat detector can either work on a fixed temperature basis, where it will trigger an alarm if the temperature exceeds a pre-set value or they can work on the rate of change in temperature.

Lights Detectors

In the Light obscuring smoke detector, smoke interferes with a light beam between a light source and photocell. The photocell measures the amount of light it receives. This type of fire detection equipment can be used to protect large areas.

Carbon Detectors

The light scattering smoke detector operates on the Tyndall effect a photocell and light source are separated from each other by a darkened chamber such that the light source does not fall on the photocell.

Smoke Detectors

Ionization Smoke detector generally contains two chambers. The first is used as a reference to compensate for changes in ambient temperature, humidity or pressure. 

Multi-Sensor Detectors

The Multi-sensor detectors combine inputs from both optical and heat sensors and process them using a sophisticated algorithm built into the detector circuitry.

Manual Call Point

A Manual Call Point or Break Glass Call Point is a device which enables personnel to raise the alarm by breaking the frangible element on the fascia; this then triggers the alarm.